About me:

MAL || vndb

I’m liberatedliberator, just another anime/VN fan on the internet. I put up this blog because clearly there aren’t enough shitty opinions clogging up the internet.

The title of this blog — deepbluejeer — comes from the translation of this BGM’s title from Umineko no Naku Koro ni, and my name comes from another Umineko BGM by zts.

What should you expect from this blog?

This blog is just a college student’s impressions on the latest airing anime, as well as the latest translated VNs. Occasionally I’ll be writing an article or two about a certain show or VN that I liked. I might also use this blog for translation practice while learning Japanese.

Please do give feedback on my posts — the one thing I ask is that you keep it civil and work-safe. Also, comments asking for visual novel downloads will immediately be deleted. Lurk more. And at least make an effort to make your comments understandable; stuff that’s blatantly incomprehensible or badly misspelled will be ignored and/or deleted. And no, “English is not my native language” is not an excuse.