Summer 2012 has come, bringing tidings of a hot and dry season in various parts of the Northern Hemisphere except in these tropics, where it’s rains, rains, rains all day long. As if it was trying to match the season, it seems the anime this season are also either dry or dreary, which is somewhat fortunate for me since I don’t have much to watch while I catch up on the new college semester.

Without further ado, here are the series I’ll be following this season.

1. Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse




Having recently finished the epic Muv-Luv trilogy, I’ve been left wanting more from the Muv-Luv universe. No thanks to the rUGP engine needing the blood of thirteen NEETs and forty goats to work, none of the fandisks and other VN extra material have been translated. So perhaps it’s fortunate for non-moon readers like me that at least one part of the series has seen the light of an animated adaptation. While the director’s credentials (Rosario to Vampire, Jewelpet Sunshine) aren’t exactly high-grade series, the interviews from the Tech Gian magazine give me some hope that Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse won’t be complete shit.


2. Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

If you’ve lurked around the VN scene for a while like me, you may have heard of Romeo Tanaka, the author of Cross Channel. Since I’m not blessed with the requisite moon-reading skills, I can’t verify for myself whether Romeo Tanaka’s writing is as great as people hype it to be. So once again, it might be fortunate that one of his works is getting an animated adaptation. With Seiji Kishi (Angel Beats, Carnival Phantasm) working behind this project, I expect Romeo Tanaka’s surreal humor to be adapted fairly well to anime. I’m just hoping that the dramatic aspects won’t suffer too much, if there are any.


3. Rinne no Lagrange 2

While Rinne no Lagrange’s first season wasn’t really anything special, it was entertaining enough to keep me wanting for the second season. Much of the setting remains unexplored, but judging by the preview for this season it looks like there will be something to look forward to in this continuation. I’m hoping for some more maru~ to follow in this second half.

4. Sword Art Online

Accel World wildly fluctuates in quality with each episode, but somehow it manages to worm its way back into me liking the setting and various aspects of the show. Sword Art Online is very reminiscent of .hack down to Yuki Kajiura doing the music, but thankfully it doesn’t have a certain whiny and insufferable protagonist to revolve around. Yuki Kajiura doing the music has already guaranteed this anime a spot in my watch list, but I hope its premise will be as interesting as it sounds.


5. Tari Tari

Studio PA Works’s series have been of varying quality, but all of them have had eye-meltingly beautiful sceneries and fluid animation. From the preview it looks like Tari Tari will be a slow, slice-of-life series with some hints of drama here and there. I found Hanasaku Iroha to be a fantastic watch from last year’s Spring line-up, so I find myself hoping that Tari Tari would be as entertaining as Hanasaku Iroha was. And another part of myself hopes that it won’t be as much of a trainwreck as a certain Winter 2012 show about curses, dolls and crazy students killing each other in a mansion.


6. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

VN adaptations are always a risky move, but Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate somehow seems promising as it reminds me of Amagami SS’s feel-good romance atmosphere. I’m not exactly hyped for it, but I’m hoping it’ll end up satisfying my tastes for sweet romance. Maybe if it proves popular enough the VN can get a translation, but that’s just me being optimistic.